Sell Your Excess Produce

A great way of making sure all of your produce is used is to sell any excess. Especially for veggies this may be something worth considering. Because really, throwing away perfectly good vegetables just because you don’t have the time or space to use them feels like a huge waste of resources. 

Instead, try to find yourself some customers for your excess produce. This may sound like a difficult task, but we bet you’ll be surprised once you start looking. Today, there are many eager customers just waiting for a chance to buy locally produced vegetables and herbs.  

Create A Logo

To simplify future business, create a logo for yourself. Make it a graphical profile that stands out and is easily connected to you. Create logo stickers online and put them on the things you sell. 

Keep the logo small enough to fit on all products, but large enough to be easily seen and recognizable. Don’t rush it, because a good logo will help your business expand and your customers remember you.

Use Social Media

The hardest part of a new business is finding your first customer. However, with the expanded use of social media this has been made easier. Advertise your products on Facebook and Instagram and you’ll reach a huge audience in almost no time and at a ridiculously low cost. 

Snap a picture of available products and post online with a comment on what it is and the price. Normally this is all that is needed for customers to find you and reach out. Make sure to respond timely to comments to make purchases happen.