Keep Your Herb Garden in Order

Having a herb garden is the dream of many people. Going outside and picingk fresh and delicious-smelling green herbs to use in your cooking is a luxury, but an affordable one to most of us! Herbs are easy to grow, and they tend to thrive in most climates where humans live. Should you not have any outside to your house or apartment, they can of course be put in pots in your kitchen. 

Create Order

Telling the different herbs apart may be easy for you, especially if you are the one deciding what to grow. But if you live with a family, then a simple phrase like “Could you please get some parsley for me” can be met with a blank stare. Or even worse, you’ll get handed a handful of mint. 

There is an easy solution to this, though. Use an online label sticker maker and create labels for your herbs. Place them on small signposts and you’ll be able to share your garden with your family in a simpler way. 

If you live alone, making labels for your herbs is a nice touch to incorporate them in your house decoration. By labeling them, they seem more deliberately placed and not like random greens.

Gardening with Herbs

If you are lucky enough to have a garden to grow your herbs in, you’ll notice that some of them need a little more love than others. Many herbs grow like weeds, so you could consider placing them in large pots to increase the order more easily.