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How to Grow Container Herbs

Even if you are not an experienced gardener, you can plan a container garden and enjoy flavorful, fresh herbs throughout the year. Container herbs are fairly adaptable; give them a sunny spot outside on your porch or near a well-lit window indoors, and they should be good to go. Here are a few more tips to help you discover how to grow container herbs.


You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to containers. Any size or material can work depending on the size of your plant or container arrangement. The container itself is not as important as the drainage it offers. Herbs prefer good drainage so they do not experience root rot.

Soil Happens

Potting soil is not all created equal. You should look for a mix that contains compost or organic matter to provide nutrients along with the soil itself. A mix can also drain easier to make your container herbs happy.

Water Everywhere

Outdoor plants are more likely to retain water, especially in humid environments, but indoor containers should be watered frequently. They tend to dry out quickly and may need water daily.

Bright Lights

Most herbs grow best in plenty of sunshine. If you keep your containers inside, try to place them near a south-facing window that gets lots of daylight. If your garden is outside, make sure to pick a location that is not shaded.

Fertilize It

An in-ground garden has better access to nutrients through the soil. Plants grown in a container, however, need to be fertilized to replace the nutrients they absorb. If you are unsure what fertilizer is best, you can ask a professional at a nursery for advice.

Another thing to think about when you decide how to grow container herbs is whether to start with seeds or plants. Plants may be easier if you are new to gardening, but seeds allow you to choose from a larger variety of herb species. Either way, you can see your plants thrive and reap the benefits with fresh herbs whenever you want them.