Create a Binder of Dinner Inspiration

It’s time to start preparing dinner, and you have no idea what to make, or even what’s in the fridge. Recognize it? I think we all do. This is a feeling that we share with other people all over the world. 

But let me tell you what I have done to get away from that feeling as much as possible. I have created an inspirational binder. To make it a bit more fun to look at, I created a family kitchen crest and ordered some custom logo stickers to put on it. 

Why a Binder?

I chose to create a physical binder for practical reasons. When it is needed, it’s good to just take it off the shelf in a second or so. In addition I am not dependent on wifi or electricity so I can use it whenever I need it. 

Another benefit is that I can ask the kids to help both in getting it and in choosing what to make. 

What’s Inside?

In the binder I have paper copies of recipes that my family likes. I print them from online sites, tear out of magazines I have bought or write them down if I create them myself. If I have made changes to the recipes, I note those down on the paper as well.

To protect them, I have put them in plastic folders. 

Thus, I have a collection of favourite recipes for our family. This means I will always have help at hand when I run out of inspiration.