Create a Binder of Dinner Inspiration

It’s time to start preparing dinner, and you have no idea what to make, or even what’s in the fridge. Recognize it? I think we all do. This is a feeling that we share with other people all over the world.  But let me tell you what I have done to get away from that […]


Sell Your Excess Produce

A great way of making sure all of your produce is used is to sell any excess. Especially for veggies this may be something worth considering. Because really, throwing away perfectly good vegetables just because you don’t have the time or space to use them feels like a huge waste of resources.  Instead, try to […]


Establishing a Small Business

While many people keep hens and chicken just for the joy of it, it also offers the possibility of turning your hobby into a business. You could start out small by selling the excess eggs. This will give you a hint about the marketplace and if there is a large enough customer basis to grow […]


Keep Your Herb Garden in Order

Having a herb garden is the dream of many people. Going outside and picingk fresh and delicious-smelling green herbs to use in your cooking is a luxury, but an affordable one to most of us! Herbs are easy to grow, and they tend to thrive in most climates where humans live. Should you not have […]

Senior woman holding box

How to Grow Container Herbs

Even if you are not an experienced gardener, you can plan a container garden and enjoy flavorful, fresh herbs throughout the year. Container herbs are fairly adaptable; give them a sunny spot outside on your porch or near a well-lit window indoors, and they should be good to go. Here are a few more tips […]

Majoram and basil herbs

The Health Benefits of Homegrown Herbs

Many people know how flavorful herbs are when used for cooking, but they may not be aware that herbs have other health benefits. Growing herbs in the comfort of your home can offer even more advantages for a healthy lifestyle. Here are just some of the health benefits of homegrown herbs you can have when […]

Aloe Vera Leaves

The Top 4 Plants to Have in Your Indoor Medicinal Garden

It’s no secret that many plants are good for our health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with the nutrients our bodies need to stay strong and healthy. Nutritionally, herbs are even more significant; their greater pungency is linked to their natural potency in terms of health-promoting ingredients. Here are four of the most useful […]

Organic fresh rosemary herb growing in the garden.

4 Herbs to Grow Year-Round

While many garden plants die back well before winter fully sets in, there are many herbs that persist all year (barring a truly deep freeze). If you do live in an area with exceptionally cold weather, some of these plants also do well in containers. If you plant your herb garden in pots, and have […]