Fresh green basil

6 of the Easiest Herbs to Grow at Home

Even those without green thumbs should find most herbs easy to care for. Unlike vegetables, they require little space, simple watering, and can adapt to indoor and outdoor environments. Here are six of the easiest edible plants to grow at home.


This rapid-growing annual can be repeatedly reseeded throughout spring and summer for continuous harvest. Also known as coriander, this pungent herb is the perfect condiment for dishes ranging from curries and tacos to mint sauce.


Basil thrives in warm, sunny weather in well drained soil. They do well in large pots, but should be planted only after the last frost of spring. Fresh basil has an unforgettable odor and flavor, and makes for a delicious fresh pesto sauce or infused oil


Mint smells lovely in the garden, and its leaves can be used to make a potent and refreshing digestive. A hardy perennial in most temperate regions, this plant also spreads aggressively. If you don’t want a garden crowded with mint, it’s probably a good idea to keep them in containers.


The indispensable herb for comfort food cooking, rosemary requires very little tending and stays green year-round in many regions. The dried leaves are easily preserved for later use, and the tiny flowers that arrive in spring make an attractive garnish.


In addition to adding a savory aroma to meats and vegetables, thyme oil actually helps make food more digestible by breaking down certain types of fats. Thyme-steeped vinegar, made by soaking the leaves for several weeks, is the perfect base ingredient of a good vinaigrette or other tangy-sour sauce.


Chives produce pretty, edible flowers in spring and summer. These herbs taste like a very mild green onion, and complement a wide range of dishes. If you find that you have too many fresh plants ready to gather, simply store the excess, freeze, and use as needed.