Freshly harvested thyme

5 Easy Herbs for Beginner Herb Gardeners

Herb gardens are the latest and greatest trend among aspiring chefs, plant lovers, tea enthusiasts and health-conscious gardeners across the world. There are thousands of herbs to choose from when it comes to building your garden, and each can be used in a unique manner as it applies to seasoning food or taking care of mental and physical health. However, not all herbs are easy to grow, and beginners may get discouraged if their herbs don’t cooperate right away. This is why it’s important to start with simple plants, like these 5 easy herbs for beginner herb gardeners.

  1. Basil. This herb is widely used in Italian cuisine, and has a strong, distinct taste and scent. This plant grows exceptionally well in either a garden or a pot with rich, moist soil and full sun. There are a variety of basil plants to choose from, and all of them are fairly simply to care for.
  1. Chives. Another commonly-used herb in a variety of different types of cuisine. Some individuals refer to this type of herb as a “green onion” in some cases due to its onion-like taste. They’re often used as a garnish, and can often be found growing wild in warmer, more humid climates.
  1. Dill. Commonly used in salads and potato dishes, this plant just needs a lot of sun and moist soil to survive, and can typically be grown with the best effectiveness in the months between fall and winter.
  1. Oregano. This herb is extremely versatile, and a favorite among herb fanatics everywhere. The dried leaves can be used in a huge range of cuisine, and the plant is perennial, meaning it’ll come back year after year.
  1. Mint. This is a favorite among those who enjoy using medicinal herbs, and it’s the first herb that many new gardeners plant. Mint takes care of itself in the right climate, but can spread quickly in an open garden.

Each of these 5 herbs provide great starting points for the beginning gardener, and can be used in practical ways in the kitchen and beyond.